Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water Diver 
is the entry level certification course necessary to dive anywhere you are!

It consists of three main phases.

Knowledge Development: you can start to understand the basic principles of scuba diving today with the online program or home study. Contact us to learn more about classes or private lessons. You can begin today! Click on the PADI & eLearning tab for your convenience or call/email us at The Dive Spot. 325.673.DIVE

Confined Water Dives: aka "pool dives," this is when the really fun part begins and you submerge to breathe underwater for the first time. Most student divers attend multiple pool sessions (up to 4 or 5) to learn the necessary skills for safe diving and to develop confidence in themselves and the instructional team.

Open Water Dives: you complete 4 dives in a lake, spring, ocean, etc. to earn your PADI Open Water Diver certification.

Prerequisites: Be 10 years or older (ask us about eLearning and international internet laws), submit a completed medical form (available at or in the store) and pass the watermanship assessment (10 minute tread/float and 200 yard swim or 300 yard snorkel).

Students younger than 15 earn PADI's Junior Open Water Diver certification.
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