The Dive Spot, Inc.            
PADI Swim School powered by Starfish Aquatics
1701 Lytle Trail
Abilene, TX 79602                          
(325) 673-DIVE (3483)  

The Dive Spot is 100% Project AWARE!

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Store Hours*
Winter/Spring MWF 1-5 p.m.
Summer M-F 1-5 p.m.
*Also available by appointment

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling Lessons
See Scuba Diving Instruction page

Summer Swim Lessons   
Begin June 1, 2015

Available mornings, afternoons, and evenings in two week sessions
See Swimming Lessons page

Facility Rental   
See Facility Party Rentals page

Summer Open Swim Hours  
Begin June 1, 2015

No membership required - reasonable daily fee
Lifeguard on duty
Monday - Friday  1-5 p.m.

StarGuard and Swim Instructor Courses
See StarGuard and Swim Instructor page

All hours and prices are subject to change without notice

The Dive Spot
Reminding  all parents of 3-5 year olds who started in the Pediatric Water Competency and Swim Skill Retention study last summer: We hope to evaluate your child's skills this summer as the next measure for the study. We will need parents to fill out the short survey again. We hope to see your child enrolled in another set of lessons and the skill evaluation will take place on the first day. If not enrolling, please let us work in an evaluation lesson. Thank you!

Swimsuits are now available at The Dive Spot.
Take a look for a size and color that SUIT your little one or you!
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